Dr. Courtney Dookie 

Dr. Courtney Dookie is a speaker, coach, mind expert, and mentor in the capacity helping people to find restoration and healing from psychological disorders and trauma using biblical meditation. He is the author of four books, Neuroplasticity: Healing the Brain from Psychological Disorders through Biblical Meditation and Christian Contemplative Meditation Practice: How Biblical Contemplative Practice Facilitates Neuroplasticity in Adults who have Experienced Developmental Trauma, Mind Restoration & Life Transformation: The Spiritual and Healing Benefits of Biblical Meditation, and Seven brain benefits of biblical meditation for regulating emotions during Covid-19.

 Dr. Dookie has his doctorate in Clinical Psychologist who also served as a pastor in Eastern Canada. He is a registered provisional psychologist with the College of Alberta Psychologist and member of the Psychologists Association and Alberta. He is passionate about helping individuals find true transformation and renewing of their minds. He is the founder of Mind Renewal Ministry and currently serves as a clinical psychologist in his private practice Dookies’ Psychological Services in Northern Alberta.

 Dr Dookie has been providing individuals and couples therapy since 2012. He specializes in developmental trauma and addiction therapy (substance use, gambling addiction, gaming addiction, pornography addiction), and mental health therapy (PTSD, depression, anxiety, eating disorder). Other supports he provides include self-esteem, stress management, anger management, holistic counselling (physical, emotional and spiritual).

 He also does workshops and seminars on the following topics: How God designs the mind, parenting your child’s mind, healing the mind and brain through biblical meditation, how prayer transforms the mind, God’s plan to restore the mind, and the seven principles for mind growth.

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